AADHAAR Card Enquiry Contact Information


AADHAAR Card Inquiry Information

Aadhar has become most hot topic in today lifestyle. None of the work is possible with out having UID. And government has started this project by keeping in mind lots of things which needs to be implement in the nation. Like corruption free environment, easily availability of things, unique identity, digitization etc.

Aadhar Contact Information

With the time there are various issue which has been arises with the time regarding this identity also. And people has also started struggling for it.  So the government has also started various similar facility to resolve the people issue related to the UID on priority basis by the necessity of it like we have lok mittra kedra has been set up through out the nation.   

AADHAAR Card Contact Details (UIDAI)

The UIDAI has set up a Contact Center for the residents, registrars and enrollment agencies of India. All enrolling residents are provided with a printed acknowledgement form with a unique Enrollment Number. Residents can make an inquire about their enrollment status via any of the below mentioned communication medium of the UIDAI help center.

Aadhaar Official Address Info:

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI),
Planning Commission,
Government of India (GoI),
3rd Floor, Tower II, Jeevan Bharati Building,
Connaught Circus,
New Delhi – 110001.

Administration Division Contact Info.

Contact Name Dept. Designation Phone. No Email-Id
Prem Narayan Deputy Director General 011-23462604 ddgcrm@uidai.net.in
P Abdul Basheer PS To DDG 011-23462604 abdul.basheer@uidai.net.in
Pooran Chand Assistant Director General 011-23466826 pooran.chand@uidai.net.in
Ratnesh Bharti Deputy Director 011-23466842 ratnesh.bharati@uidai.net.in
M. K. Goyal Section Officer 011-23466890 mohit.goyal@nic.in
Rashmi Section Officer 011-23466851 rashmi@uidai.net.in
Indu Saini Assistant Section Officer 011-23466851 indu.saini@uidai.net.in
Sanjay Jha Assistant Section Officer 011-23466886 sanjay.jha@uidai.net.in
Sanjay Pathania Assistant Section Officer 011-23466860 sanjay.pathania@uidai.net.in
Satyendra Kumar Assistant Section Officer 011-23466892 satyendra.kumar@uidai.net.in
Sunil Kumar Assistant Section Officer 011-23466860 sunilkumar@uidai.net.in

Finance And Accounts Division Contact Info.

Contact Name Dept. Designation Phone No Email-Id
Dr. Tanuja Pande Deputy Director General 011-23752669 011-23466862 tanuja.pande@uidai.net.in
P Chandrasekar PS to DDG 011-23752669 011-23466862 p.chandrasekar@uidai.net.in
Virender Prasad Assistant Director General 011-23462611
V. N. Srinivas Assistant Director General 011-23466838 srinivas.vishnubhotla@uidai.net.in
Rajnish Jha Deputy Director 011-23466898 rajnish.jha@uidai.net.in
Sanjay Kumar Deputy Director 011-23466859 sanjaykumar@uidai.net.in
Uttam Pal Singh Negi Section Officer 011-23466867 ups.negi@uidai.net.in
Monika Chugh Assistant Section Officer 011-23466881 monika.chugh@uidai.net.in
Sudhir Kumar PAO 011-23466888 sudhir.kumar@uidai.net.in
Rekha Adhikari DDO 011-23466832 ddohq@uidai.gov.in
Mamta AAO 011-23466821 mamta@uidai.net.in
Nirmla Thakran AAO 011-23466821 nirmla.thakran@uidai.net.in
M R Alam Assistant Section Officer 011-23466880 md.alam@uidai.net.in

UIDAI Regional Office, Bengaluru Address

Khanija Bhavan, No. 49, 3rd Floor, South Wing Race Course Road, Bengaluru – 01

Reception: 080-22340104

Fax: 080-22340310

Contact Name Dept. Designation Phone No Email-Id
Pronab Mohanty Deputy Director General 080-22341622 pronab.mohanty@uidai.net.in
Vijayasree K PS to DDG 080-22341622 vijayasree.k@uidai.net.in
Anjali Ellis Shankar Assistant Director General 080-22341612 anjali.ellis@uidai.net.in
D M Gajare Assistant Director General 080-22343482 dm.gajare@uidai.net.in
Lakshmikanta Dash Assistant Director General 080-22250027 dash.lk@uidai.net.in
Santhanagopalan R Assistant Director General 080-22340862 gopalan.rs@uidai.net.in
Surendra Babu Assistant Director General 080-22340103 surendrababu@uidai.net.in
Ashok Lenin Deputy Director 080-22250026 ashok.lenin@uidai.net.in
Mahesh M Hervatte Deputy Director 080-22250116 mahesh.hervatte@uidai.net.in
Kiran Shamkant Joshi Section Officer 080-22340104, EXT:209 kiran.joshi@uidai.net.in
Nayaz K. P. Section Officer 080-22340104, EXT:221 nayaz.mohammed@uidai.net.in
Sudhakar V. Section Officer 080-22340951 v.sudhakar@uidai.net.in
K Devasundari Assistant Section Officer 080-22340104, EXT:217 k.devasundari@uidai.net.in
Suresh.Bavirisetty Assistant Section Officer 080-22340104, EXT:224 suresh.bavirisetty@uidai.net.in
Venkata Chalapathy Assistant Section Officer 080-22340104 EXT:215 venkatachalapathy@uidai.net.in
Anupama C Steno anupama.c@uidai.net.in
M Sasikala Sr Accounts Officer 080-22340336 sasikala.malaka@uidai.net.in
Sodisetty Venkatesh Accountant
P C Venkatesh Manager State Projects venkatesh.pindi@uidai.net.in
Micheal Ronald State Resource Person ronald.ma@uidai.net.in
Noushad P. State Resource Person (Thiruvanthapuram) noushad.p@uidai.net.in
Navaneedan M State Resource Person navaneedan.m@uidai.net.in
Palani Thangam K State Resource Person palani.thangam@uidai.net.in
Prashant Kumar H.S State Resource Person prashant.hs@uidai.net.in
Anand Kumar M Bhat Manager IEC anand.bhat@uidai.net.in
Prakash Ramasamy System Analyst prakash.ramasamy@uidai.net.in
Karthikeyan N Application Analyst karthikeyan.n@uidai.net.in
Mubarak Ali Application Analyst mubarak.ali@uidai.net.in
Shahabaz T Application Analyst shahabaz.thidil@uidai.net.in
Srivastav Application Analyst srivastav@uidai.net.in
Susheel Kumar Application Analyst susheel.kumar@uidai.net.in
Vimal Geo Application Analyst vimal.geo@uidai.net.in

UIDAI Toll Free Number

Toll free number of UID is 1947. You can call any time if you have inquiry or issue regarding your identity card. This is toll free number for all over India.


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