Aadhaar Card Misue, UIDAI Security Features To Prevent Aadhar Fraud


Aadhar Card Fraud Cases

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Aadhar Security Features Which Saves Your Data From Hacking

Your biggest identity proof known as aadhaar card is being misused. Recently, a Pakistani detective Mehmood Akhtar has been arrested from Indian agencies. He has been delivering secret information to Pakistan. To do this work he has misused aadhar card of Delhi living citizen. Through this way he has made his aadhar by using his address and other details and keeps throwing dust in Indian agencies.

Adhaar Card Can Be Misused By Any One

From this movement of Akhtar, it is cleared that aadhaar card can be misused. And the person will suffer whose aadhar can be misused. So that you have to take care of many things to prevent aadhaar card misuse and not give any trouble in nearby future.

Created a Bogus (फर्जी) Aadhaar In This Way

Mehmud Akhtar has made soft copy of Delhi resident’s aadhaar card and makes changes in name in other details. And through this way Mehmood Akhtar has become resident of that particular area of Delhi. And he takes benefit as recognition and become Indian citizen.  

Do This Work To Prevent From UID Misuse

  1. Aadhaar number is important than every other thing. So don’t share it with unknown people.
  2. Don’t share your aadhaar copy with any one. Because details provided on soft copy can be changed.
  3. Some time we left extra copy during photo state, don’t repeat it. The details provided on aadhar can be misused when same copy passed to wrong hand.
  4. Don’t share your aadhar with other person for new mobile connection or for other related work. Sometime any step taken by in hesitation or friendship can overshadowed to you.

 Aadhaar Contain Your Important Information

Presently, 106 crore people has been provided with aadhar card. So every person has unique aadhar number. Which contain your Name, Address, Phone Number, education qualification, along with that

your bank account and PAN card details are also linked with it. So it’s become necessary that your data become secure 100 percent.

Beside that aadhaar contain your bio-metric details. Means your photo, finger print, IRIS detail (eye scanning) details are also feed in it.

You Have Right To Lock /Unlock Aadhaar

Unique Identification Authority Of India has added n new feature in it by checking or having suspect on aadhar data leakage. In this way you can lock and unlock your aadhaar card as per your choice.

Means if you want, you can lock your aadhaar card. After then no one able to read that data through any way. And in same way you can also unlock it whenever you want. Means that you have full access to lock unlock your aadhaar card.  

Task To Perform After UID Data Leakage

1 If you think your aadhar data can be leaked then lock it by yourself immediately.

2 As long as aadhaar card is locked, no one able to read the information of your card till that time period. The after if you want to unlock your card, then it can be unlocked via online only.

How To Do This

1 Visit the UID official portal to lock unlock your aadhar card.

2 You will get lock/unlock feature under aadhaar services column.

3 Click on Lock/Unlock Biometrics and new link will open.

4 Where you have to provide your 12 digit aadhar number details.

5 After feeding aadhar number, provide security number given below that.

6 Then click on “generate OTP” button.

7 Enter the OTP which is received on your registered mobile number. If you haven’t received OTP on your mobile number then update aadhar details .

8 After verifying OTP you will able to lock/unlock your aadhaar.

9 The after you can provided detail on toll free number of UIDAI on aadhaar misusage of if get loosed. And along with that able to launch FIR in police.


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  1. So, Aadhar card is also not safe. Educated and computer savvy people can do all that what is mentioned here in this page but think of millions of illiterate and another millions of people who do not understand computers or do not have internet access. How will they go about locking or unlocking their Aadhar card? Again I repeat why make this card mandatory for everything? There are millions of people who do not have any card or do not have anything to prove that they are what they claim to be. They do pure cash transactions and avail the least of any bank or govt facilities. They too survive. By making Aadhar mandatory the sole aim was to identify outsiders or non residents. This too gets bombed due to the fact that Aadhar can be genuinely prepared using faked driving licence too. When I went to get myself registered for Aadhar, my driving licence was just copied, finger prints taken and eye scan taken. Driving licence, pilot’s licence, doctor’s/engineer’s fade degrees and all have been obtained. Currency notes that cannot be detected even by banks are in circulation. Therefore, making Aadhar mandatory for all is just harassing the general, especially the old, handicapped population.

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