Aadhaar Card OTP Not Received on Mobile Number? Don’t Worry


Aadhaar Card OTP not received on Mobile Phone? Let’s See how to Find the and resolve the Issue

Our Mobile number is most important thing when we saw it from security reasons, maybe it is for online banking or for details related to aadhaar card, the online server or web systems are coded or prepared in such a way that after registration process “One time password” (OTP) is sent on particular user registered mobile phone with minutes. And you have to fill that OTP in blank box to proceed further.

Aaddhar One Time Password Issue

It happened with many of us or noticed that in some cases OTP is not received i.e. while downloading duplicate copy of aadhaar card online, or any making any changes to your aadhaar card data like Name, Age, Address, Gender etc. There are many possible causes due to that this issue arises and cause trouble. With the help of this article you can able find out the possible reasons that why do not you able receive the OTP through your mobile phone number and how to get rid of this problem.

Possible Reasons of Non Getting (Aadhaar Card) OTP Via Mobile Number

Some of the possible reasons are –

  1. Might be you have not registered your particular number during your aadhaar card enrollment/registration.
  2. Your registered mobile no (sim card) is black listed or get blocked.
  3. Network Problem.
  4. Phone Storage capacity is full or not able to receive new sms.

How to Fix Non Receipt (Aadhaar Card) OTP Problem

Reason 1 – Mobile Number is Not Registered

During enrollment of your new aadhaar card, have you given your mobile no? If you haven’t then you will not able to receive “One Time Password”. So, firstly you are required to register your Mobile Number. Register that, mobile number which is in working state and you mostly use that number so that you can get OTP easily.

Know how to Register your Mobile Number With Aadhaar Card Database

Reason 2 – Your Registered Number (Sim Card) is Blocked

Cold you aware of that if your mobile number gets inactive means you don’t use it for two months then it is blocked by mobile operator automatically. So, if your registered number is blocked, then you have to unblock it to get one time password on your number. So you have to visit again the aadhar card updating procedure and provide your new mobile number so that next time you can easily get your aadhaar card OTP on your mobile number as SMS.

Reason 3: Signal or Network Issue

Are you living in a place where network signal coverage is very poor or remain out of reach? Then surely you could suffer while receiving OTP through mobile. So, make sure that you must in the network coverage while requesting for new OTP code. There is no need to much worry about OTP you will definitely get your OTP which you have not received yet whenever your reach at rich network area.

Reason 4 – Mobile Storage Capacity is Full

Full phone memories can also a possible cause of not getting a new sms send from aadhaar officials. So make sure that there must enough of space in your phone memory to receive a new SMS generated by system. You have to delete unwanted messages and have to free your required memory so you can get your OTP SMS.

OTP SMS Not Received On Registered Mobile

These are possible causes due to that you are not able to receive OTP. As you detect and able to resolve the cause creating issue, you will definitely able to get OTP within one minute on your registered mobile. So you can get your OTP easily for your new aadhar card.


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  1. If my mobile number is in someone else’s name when I apply for otp will I get otp?
    If number not verified by aadhar authorities will I get otp?
    Can I buy another sim number and reapply to Aadhar card?
    Please help at once.
    Devika 2

  2. Today I am not getting OTP on my registered airtel mobile number. ?
    (4 days back also I received OTP and earlier from last 3 years I used to get OTP on same mobile, which I am using from last 15 year).
    ADHAR I got it 3 year back itself and there is no change in my Mobile number and its same airtel.

    Phone/connection/SMS every thing is correct. (tested by sending/reviving SMS also to my mobile)

  3. otp recieved on UDI linked mobile but your request can not be processed try again message received what i have to do after receiving otp 3′ 4 time

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