Aadhaar Card Safety Features – UIDAI Safety Measures


Aadhar Card Safety Measures

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Aadhaar Card Data Safety Facility

The Indian Government soon plans to notify the regulation of unique identity. Then after, aadhar will be required for all kind of major services. In upcoming days the security of your sensitive information which is fed inside aadhaar card is very much crucial. Today we will tell you about the ways through which you can secure your aadhaar data up to 100%.

Your Aadhaar Contain Many Crucial (Important) Information

Till date, 105 million people in the country have already been issued Aadhaar numbers successfully. Under this, every person has a unique number. Including your name, address, phone number, bank account details, as well as your education qualifications and is also linked to the PAN card details. So in this way, it is important that your data must be 100 percent secure. Beside that your biometric details are also feed inside aadhar. Means your photo, fingerprint, iris details (eyes scanning) are also feed inside it. You can able to secure these all of your important details in new features.

You Got the Right to Lock and Unlock

The Government has always faced resistance from opposition parties and the experts based on the possibility of leakage of aadhaar data. By viewing this, the unique identification authority of India, has added a new feature inside it. Through which you can lock and unlock your aadhaar card as you wish. Means, if you want then you can lock your aadhar. Then, the data inside it will not be read by anyone in any way. Likewise, you can unlock it whenever you want.

No One Will Misuse Your Aadhaar Data

1 These facilities will be based on your desire. Means you can put lock on your aadhar whenever you want.

2 As long as the card is locked, then no one will able to read your card information. Its biggest benefit will be revealed when ever your aadhaar card will be lost. At that time you will able to lock your aadhar.

3 Then if you want to unlock your aadhaar card, it will be unlocked through online only.

How To Get Lock Unlock Facility
  1. You have to visit the UIDAI official portal (https://uidai.gov.in/beta/) to lock unlock your aadhar card.
  2. Where lock and unlock feature will be available on aadhaar services.
  3. By clicking on it a new link will be open as https://resident.uidai.net.in/biometric-lock. or you can also open it directly.
  4. Where you have to provide your 12 digit aadhaar detail.
  5. After feeding your aadhaar number you also have to feed the security number given below.
  6. After pressing ok button, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. After feeding that OTP you can able to lock unlock your aadhar card.
Strict Action Will Be Taken Against Government Agencies and Companies
  1. The centre Government is soon going to notify the Unique Identity regulation.
  2. In this regard, Unique Identification Authority Of India has prepared the important rules. Under this, there is 3 year punishment rule if anyone found guilty of misusing aadhar information. Means directly sentenced to 3 years.
  3. Or it will be criminal case, if the Government or Private Company is found using your aadhaar number for any other purpose.

So that’s all about the newly added aadhaar card security feature or say facility provided to citizen to secure their aadhaar information by their own conditions or way as you like to prefer. If you have any query regarding this then please share your views with us.


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  1. Kindly suggest , Who will check the data captured in the card specially biometeric is feed /saved on correct person adhar number. Who will varify that, the layman sitting in adhar center has done blunder and which court will rectify this government mistake , if it comes to knowledge after 10 years by that person ,oh my data was wrongly fed to other number and my UID number has Mr sharma’s eye pictire and fingerprint. Because iris or fingerprint dont speak out that i bolong to Dube ji and not Sharma ji.
    Govt shoild have appointed IIT engineers for this project but 100 crore people got UID number through laymen running a xerox machine , who is some political netaji’s relative . Huge compramise and risk with indian comman poor peolple. God can only save now .

  2. Now if I lock my aadhar card with this locking facility then how will the institutions asking to link my aadhar number will verify my details. The verification will always fail and the link will never happen. Please advise if I am going wrong in my understanding. Thanks.

  3. Just for clarification : “Strict Action Will Be Taken Against Government Agencies and Companies” – How reliance knows our adhar database at the time of JIO sim registration ? This means adhar info can be fetched by private companies. What is the security here ? What is the action taken by government.

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