Aadhaar Number Is Needed To Death Certificate Registration Form


Aadhaar Number Is Needed To Death Certificate Registration Form

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No Aadhar Card Required For Death Certificate

Recently, the government issued an order saying that people should build their Aadhaar card in every situation. Recently, the government had issued the notification and said that the death certificate will be issued from October 1st, when the family member of that particular family provides the aadhar number to the officers.

Aadhar For Death Registration

In the case, the RGI issued the notification and said that the applicant will have to give the details of the deceased’s aadhaar number or enrollment ID number and application sought for death certificate.

Aadhaar For Death Certificate

That’s because the deceased can be identified. After this step, the government has made it necessary for everyone to have Aadhaar, since no official documents have been made after the death certificate.

Aadhaar Card To Death Registration

However, after the increase in the dispute, the concerned official has cleared the government’s attitude by giving a clarification on this. According to the official, if the deceased has no Aadhaar card, then the relatives do not have to worry about death certificate.

Government Decision On Death Certificate (Aadhaar Card)

He further said that this had become necessary because some people used the name the dead people for subsidies and other facilities.

But before this announcement this decision of government is looks very crucial for few families whose aadhar card still not prepared due to any problem or any other issue. And they have to run here and there after any relative death for getting death certificate.

But this decision of government will surely provide a great relief to thousands of family’s members. Because after death, the environment in family become some kind of sad and such government decision will put extra burden in such cases.

Aadhaar card Mandatory To Get Death Certificate

As aadhar card becomes the most important document for a person. If a person doesn’t have aadhar number than he or she can not apply for any legal certificates like PAN number, Bank Account even aadhar number is needed for the admission in schools or colleges. The rules related to the aadhar card updated day by day. Now in recent announcement centre government announces that the aadhar number or enrolment ID is required to get death certificate of a person.

Aadhaar card Required For Death Registration

Each and every person should have aadhar number which can be used in life and after life i.e. for death certificate, as well as for sealing his/her bank details and in other legal documents related to the person. This announcement should take in notice from October 1st, 2017.

Aadhaar Card Needed For Death Certificate

The family members only gets death certificate of the person after giving the Xerox copy of aadhaar card of the person. If the person does not have aadhaar number or the enrolment ID of UIDAI the family member of the person will provide certificate that prove that he/she does not know about the aadhaar status or aadhar number of the person.

If any details against the applicant found false than it will be a offense and action will be taken under Aadhaar Act or Registration of Birth and Death Act. Registrar general is the authority to take care about the issues in this case

Need Of Aadhaar Card Mandatory For Death Certificate

The centre government takes a decision for the person which an initiative to reduce corruption or redundancy. People used the names of dead people for subsidies and other facilities. Family member does not get updates their details and they used the name of the person in their documents like electricity bills and that names is used up to number of generations.

This is a great step to get over the identity fraud. As in starting this decision is very crucial for the families in which that kind of incident happens the family members are little bit in state of sadness.

Benefits Of Death Certification Needed Aadhaar Card

 There are some families in the country they still don’t have aadhaar card number. This is very tough for families who don’t have their aadhaar number. At that time they have to complete formalities. But after some time people come to know how this decision will help people to reduce fraud. So no one can use the name of any other person. Aadhaar number of deceased will be submitted with the aadhaar number of parents or spouse of the person. After death certificate there will be no document will be issued on the name of the deceased.


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