Aadhar Card Is Necessary For Filling ITR, SIM Card – Budget 2017


Aadhar Card Is Needed For ITR Filling

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Budget 2017: Indian Government Two Big Decisions Related to Aadhaar Card

This year budget will be declared on 1st February 2017. And Government will come up with two big decisions in concern with aadhaar card. This might need to implement soon as per rule.

From Monday onwards it is made necessary to have aadhar card to get new sim card. So that people who book the sim on the fake address will be stopped and caught.

Also Government is going to made necessary the aadhar card for those who return their income tax through electronic way. Centre Government will made aadhaar card compulsory to file income tax return from next financial year.

And this can be announced in the budget which will be declared on 1st February. And for this Government is going to make changes in income tax act also.

Government Has Took This Decision In Last Year May

As per business standard, our Government has made decision about this in May last year. Then PMO has also told to central board of direct taxes, Government of India (CBDT) to bring all people and organization aadhaar number in itr on compulsory basis. And for that if any kind of changes in income tax act is required then it will be done on priority basis.

Government Has Taken One More Important Decision Related To Aadhaar Card

Government has said that they are also going to made aadhar card required at public ration shop but not compulsory. Because it is also required as many of people having duplicate ration card and taking benefits of other poor people too. So it’s necessary to stop such activity performed at various places by Indian citizen. Also swipe machine are also installed in ration shop till June, these are wording of state government to the centre government.

80 Crore People Are Getting Benefits

More than 80 crore Indian citizen are getting benefits from ration shop by getting ration at subsidized rates from the market. Also government is also thinking about ration card upgradation. Department of Food and Public Distribution under the law providing cheap ration to poor people. Under this each person is getting up to 5 killo wheat, Rice, Pulses, Sugar, Refind, Salt on the cost of 2 to 3 rupees per kg.


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  1. Whatever happened to the Supreme Court’s ruling that AADHAR IS NOT MANDATORY FOR ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT FOR TWO THINGS. …….At this rate using public toilets also will also make aadhar mandatory.

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