Aadhar Card Is Required In AIIMS For Medical Treatment


Aadhar Card Is Required In AIIMS For Treatment

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Need Of Aadhar In AIIMS – AIIMS Department Has Sent Letter To Centre Health Minister Department

From now on if you want to make your treatment in All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, Delhi (AIIMS) then first have to prepared your aadhar card. AIIMS department is in preparation that everyone has aadhar who are coming here for their medical cure.

Aadhar Number Will Be Linked With Unique Health Identification Number

AIIMS Deputy Director V. Srinivas has written letter to CK Mishra who works as center health secretary minister. And it is requested to bring an announcement for making aadhaar number necessary. AIIMS department has said that due to this decision patient will get benefits. Once the patient is registered in AIIMS then his all details will be available in one click. Beside that patient will get easily benefits of other respective government initiated schemes.

Aadhar Number Needed In AIIMS

Presently aadhaar number is asked during registration time in AIIMS but it is not compulsory. Every year more than 40 lakh people reach the AIIMS hospital for their treatment. The head of AIIMS computerization committee Dr. Deepak Aggarwal has said that there are only around 10 percent patients who are linking their aadhar number with unique health identification number (UHID). AIIMS department is trying to make AIIMS fully digital.

Also, Dr. Aggarwal has added that it is not like that the patients who will not aadhar card will not get treatment. But it is necessary and is combine effort to have aadhar card necessary for getting Government started schemes to all.

So soon while making your registration in AIIMS you also have to provide your aadhar number along with other details which are asked by operator. And only the patient will get the benefit of this service which is going to start in short while.

UID Number For Treatment In AIIMS

 By providing your aadhar number the hospital registration person will make linking of your aadhar number to unique health identification id. And whenever you will make your visit again to hospital all your previous medical history will be available with one click in front of doctor. So patient and doctor will not face any issue in understanding the problem root cause by checking your record. So by activating such facility in big hospitals like AIIMS citizen will get a lot relief.

UID Seeding With UHID

But for that patient and the person who will take care them have to be more punctual while providing their aadhar number correctly. After completing the linking process patient will not have to carry their registration slip along with them while visiting again to hospital. So it’s a big relief to each patient because very have to keep their registration safely but now if the registration will be lost then there is also no issue. If you have applied for aadhar and yet not received it then you can also check your aadhar card status online from here. 

So be ready with your aadhar card if you’re going towards AIIMS for your and family members treatment. Because they might ask you for it and it is only beneficial for you. If you have lost or misplaced your aadhaar then you can download duplicate copy of e – aadhar card online visiting link and it also work like as original.        


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