Aadhar Card Security System – Government Plans To Increase UID Security


Aadhar Card Security System

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Now Your Aadhaar Will Be More Safer Then Previously With New Security Update

As we have seen usage of aadhar card is gone as wide scale for various schemes and other purposes which are started by government and other its agencies for different purposes. So as the result of that it’s has been become main concern for all. And also become headache for the Government as well. Because it contain all detail about single citizen. And any one personal information cannot be leaked and must not be compromised at all.

While looking at the growing use of aadhaar card, the Modi government is now going to make it much more secure. Under this, the biometric device for the aadhar verification will be made more secure than ever before. The new device will have a three layer security system. Till now there is now a two layer security system in biometric device.

What Is The Main Plan

A senior official of UIDAI has told that a more secure system is already being prepared for the aadhar security. In which the registered biometric device will be used. New equipment will be used by companies from June 2017. In addition to that, old public devices which are currently installed at various locations will be updated on the basis of new parameters through software.

What Is The Benefit

According to the official, the biggest advantage of the three layer system is that data at every level will be encrypted. And that will not be linked to anyone. In such a situation, the chances of data leakage will be negligible and say completely reduced. According to the official, for that all the existing device will be updated with respect to the new devices for more aadhar system safety measures.

So far, public device used in the aadhaar authentication is not registered with the aadhaar system. While the new registered device will be registered with the aadhaar system. And same will be used for the management of encryption for all kind of user’s data.

So from now on and say that after completion of this step, you have not to worry about your information which you have provided during aadhar enrollment time. And government have also faced many quires about it already and finally got solution for that.


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