Aadhar Card Virtual ID Number Generation Process Safety Feature


Aadhaar Card 16 Digit Virtual ID Security Feature

Aadhar Card Virtual ID Number Generation Process Safety Feature -12 digit Aadhaar number will be replaced by Virtual ID, identity will be Safe

In order to address the concerns related to the privacy of the Aadhaar, the Indian Identity Authority (UIDAI) has decided to implement the concept of ‘Virtual ID’ from 1 June 2018 on Wednesday. Under this, the Aadhaar card holder will not be required to give his 12-digit biometric ID for SIM verification or other works, instead it will work from a number of 16 digits. This number will be available through the UIDAI website to every Aadhaar card holder.

How Many Aadhar Virtual ID Will Be Allowed

Aadhaar card holder will be allowed to generate more than one virtual ID. Once the new virtual ID is generated, the old number will be automatically rejected. Based on the biometrics (name, address and photo) of this virtual ID and cardholder, any authorized agency like mobile company can do its verification.

Limited Aadhar Information Sharing

UIDAI is also implementing the concept of ‘limited KYC’ to protect confidentiality. Under this, only limited information will be provided to the telecom companies or such an authorized agency about the Aadhaar Cardholder.

Software will be released till 1st March

UIDAI will release the necessary software for this by 1st March, 2018. All the agencies connected with authentication will have to accept new systems till 28th March. Registration of agencies not adopting new systems in this time frame can be terminated.

Penalties can also be imposed on them. These agencies will not be allowed to generate virtual IDs on behalf of the cardholder, it means that the cardholder will have to do this work themselves.

How To Get New Aadhaar Card Virtual ID

As soon as the new software is started, the Aadhaar card holders can generate virtual IDs by visiting UIDAI or Aadhaar Enrollment Center website and mobile based application. Now the Aadhaar card holder will have to give only this virtual number to any service provider company with their fingerprint. The duration of this number will be limited. If you forget your virtual ID then it can be re-captured again.

Aadhar Leak News Disclosure

The leakage of aadhar card details was disclosed by in newspaper too. An English newspaper journalist claimed to have bought 100 million UID numbers in his report. The journalist had said that he gave Rs 500 to an agent. In return, he gave a username and password. With the help of this ID and password, he could put any base number in the UIDAI website and get all the information related to it.

These information includes names, addresses, photos, phone numbers and email addresses. He also wrote that by giving more 300 rupees to the agent, he has provided software also. With this, the aadhar card can be printed by giving the aadhaar number.

Aadhaar Number Virtual Safety

So this is good news for aadhar card holders who always remains bury about their secrecy and details which is seeded with this UID number. By taking this steps UIDAI has made their work more efficient in progressive ways.


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