Check Your Current Previous PF Amount Continuously


Check Your Current Previous EPF Amount 

Almost each and every organization gives the benefit of PF (Provident Fund) to their employees. It will give to the employee at the time of exit from the organization. Nowadays it directly transfers to employee’s account. This also helps people to save money. They can use this at the time they need money.

Employee Provident Fund Organization

This ia an organization which take care about the provident fund of employees. All organizations or industries should be engaged with the EPFO to provide their employees proper benefits and for their secure feeling. This organization is not giving any interest on the provident fund account. The private sector organizations should also register the names of their employees in the EPFO. So they will feel secure and do their hundred percent for the company and it will help the organization day by day. Until almost Rs. 27,000 crore rupees are deposited in the EPFO. In this there is no money to be paid by organization’s owner. So there is no need to worry. It is beneficial for the employees as well as for the management of the organization.

Keep Check On PF Account For Any Fraud

You have to check your provident fund account balance on regular interval of time for updated transactions. The money of the provident fund which will be deducted every month from your salaried account by the company is depositing it with the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) at the appointed time or not.

It is very much important for you to know this. Because in the last few years, many such cases on large scale cases were reported in which companies did not deposit the money of PF employees with EPFO. Employees of these companies are still chasing the company to get their PF money. You can check by going to the EPFO’s website that how much money has been deposited in your PF account so far.

Where can you check your PF Balance

You have to EPFO official web portal to know your PF balance information. Here you will find e-passbook option in right side. Visit that option.

Member Passbook Facility

After clicking on e-passbook option you will be redirected to a new page called member passbook facility. Here you have to provide your universal account number (UAN) and password. EPFO provide UAN number to their member. After then you can see your passbook.

Where To Complain If Found Error

After checking the balance if found any kind of disturbance with your account then where you have to complain for this. If your passbook does not show the entry of PF every month, then you should know about it in your company. If your company does not give you the correct answer about it, then you should have to register complain about this in the local Regional PF office. What documents needed to withdraw EPF money.

EPFO will take action against company

Under the EPFO Act, every company, which is within the purview of PF, has to deposit the amount of PF of its employees every month to EPFO in a certain period. If a company does not consistently deposit the PF money, then the EPFO takes action against the respective company or organization for the welfare of its employees. Government orders about EPF account linking

So don’t be late to check your PF balance regularly for current account update. Otherwise you will also lose your important money earned with hard work.

EPFO Number Recovery

There are very much things to remember in present time. So sometimes Employee can forget his registration number he get from EPFO. So now it is no need to worry you can found that from EPFO helpdesk. And it is just one click away:

) Open epfindia website and after opening website click on Account helpdesk.

) With the help of this you will enter “EPFO Helpdesk centre”.

) After that page you have to click on “First Time User”. And write something about your problem.

) Click on exit button and fill the required details. And click on next button after that in next form fill the personal details like name etc. And click on generate PIN. A PIN will send to your mobile number. Keep that PIN for future use.

) After submitting the request will be forwarded for next step and you will able to find the required number.


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