Do’s And Don’ts Of Road Side Sugar Cane Juice


Do’s And Don’ts Of Road Side Sugar Cane Juice – Summer Health Tips

It’s not the always right decision you take while go outside for travelling purpose and stop your vehicle for getting some kind of snacks for yourself and to your friends or family members. Especially if you are talking about sugar cane juice. So let’s talk in  brief about this topic.

Go With Road Side Sugar Cane Juice Corner Or Not

If you think that the sugarcane juice found on the road side will extinguish your thirst and make the body benefit, then it is your misconception. See the truth.

Yes, the reality is that the effect of both sugarcane juice and ice is different. If you take cautious care, you can avoid the disease. Before drinking sugarcane juice once, see how it becomes. The most important thing is that many times cane cleaning is not done.

If you drink sugarcane juice of 10 rupees on the roadside, then see how big you are in danger!

Due to lack of cleanliness of sugarcane, there is black fungus on it. Apart from this, the soil of the fields is not removed from the sugarcane juice that you are drinking. Or lemon beans or its seeds are not even removed. Have you ever checked whether the hands with which this is being done are clear or not?

The cane is caught with the same hands, the generator is run, and the machine is rotated. The hands are never washed. This is where all signs of the disease begin.

These diseases are caused by drinking fungal sugarcane juice

The fungus that occurs on cane contains diseases of Hepatitis A, diarrhea and stomach. Similarly, sugarcane diseases also lead to stomach disorders. According to Botany Expert Dr Avniish Pandey, do not drink juice if there is redness in sugarcane.

This fungus is called sugarcane rot or red rot disease. It is a kind of fungus, which turns sugarcane juice red. This also reduces the sweetness of juice. Such sugarcane gets cheaper and it is harmful to health.

Dr. Manish Jain, General Physician, Bombay Hospital, says that if there is no care of cleanliness while making sugarcane juice, diseases like joints, hepatitis, typhoid, and diarrhea can occur.

Sugar Cane Juice

Often from where you take sugarcane juice, the quality of ganas is not taken into account. Do not drink sugarcane juice from any shop standing in the streets, it is prone to infection. Drinking sugarcane juice from such shops can lead to stomach ache problems.

Sugar Cane Juice Measures

Remember to check the cleanliness of the shop while drinking sugarcane juice. If there are too many flies in the shop, avoid using sugarcane juice from such shops.

Pros Of Having Sugar Cane Juice

It has very well effect on our body parts if taken or prepared by our self at home. So let’s have look on few advantage of it which makes you to go for it in the season.  

It Provides Instant shot To Energy Level

When we used to drinks this juice our body become more active previously which has been dehydrated due to summer season. So its is best possible way to recover from dehydration.

Effect On Liver

It is very old saying that such juice has natural effect on tour body and especially on liver if someone is suffering from jaundice like disease. It has some natural alkaline which is help to fight back with the disease.

Help In Cancer

It is best remedy for the patient of cancer especially for prostate and breast cancer people. It reduce the half of the disease effect along with the proper medication.

Fight With Digestive Problem

It is good decision if someone includes this in their routine meals who are suffering from poor digestive problem. It help in resolving our all kind of stomach related issue if used on daily basis by keeping proper diet plan.

Best For Bones And Teeth

It is good source of calcium also. So as the result help in keeping our bones health good in older age also. Also good for people who’s having teeth issue and best for growing kids in their adolescent age.


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