How To Link Aadhar Card To Ration Card Online via Mobile app


How To Link Aadhar Card To Ration Card Online Offline via Mobile app

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Link Aadhar With Ration Card Through Mobile App 

As we all know, that ration card in India possesses a very important place. It is a document that is get used by the BPL citizens of India. Through ration card, they get food grains from the reasonable supermarkets and also it is a document, by which other important legal documents get made for example Voter ID, Passport & Domicile certificate.

Aadhaar Linking With Family Card Online

Ration card gets the issue by Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Department of State Govt. the motive behind issuing ration card to poor people is that they can get food grains from the government reasonable supermarkets for their livelihood. It is fact of India, whenever the government tries to provide such benefit to lower section of society, the upper section of society tried to grab that benefit by all means.

Online Aadhar Card Seeding Process

The same happens in ration card allotment, upper section people who are well enough in terms of property or money, tries to take benefit by ration card. So, in order to stop such things, a government has taken an initiative to secure a right of BPL citizens of India. Now it is mandatory to link your ration card with UID. Adhaar card that has biometric information of the holder is now will get linked with the Ration card.

Aadhar Number Linking With Ration Card

By the information of the both the cards, the government will able to keep an eye on the activities on both the card. Presently in the Indian State, Tamil Nadu has set great example of seeding Aadhaar card with ration card via Android Mobile app. This Android Mobile App is called TNEPDS. Right now this app functions in only Tamil language. So, let’s see how Android Mobile app TNEPDS can link both the cards.

How will TNEPDS Mobile app link Aadhaar Card with Ration card?

As we told you, that Android Mobile app TNEPDS is right now functioning in the Tamil language that is also a native language of the Tamil Nadu People. This app can only run on Android Mobile phone, that has an option of scanning your Adhaar card via a Barcode & also update information in the system. If any user tries to update their ration card information manually, then it is not that easy.

TNEPDS Mobile Application For Aadhar Linking

First, you have to know all information of your ration card, and second chances of mistakes also get increased. So, in order to simplify things a little bit, Android Mobile app TNEPDS, can fill the required information via scanning & update all the information of both the cards in a one go. Remember this app will require a one-time login, in which you will require entering your mobile number so that this app can send OTP for verification. Downloading this app is also very simple, just go to Google play store & download it from there.

Linking Adhaar Card with Ration Card, Except TNEPDS Mobile App Offline/Online Mode

If you are living in any aother state, beside Tamil Nadu, then you can have choice of seeding Adhaar to ration card, through online / Offline mode. If you want to select the offline procedure then prepare photo copies of your family ration card, and submit it to the respective office of ration department.

Or if you are selecting the online proces, then just visit the Adhaar card official website & fill all the required details with state & district, in the necessary field and hit on Submit button. Within few minutes you successfully will get link both the identity cards.


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