How To Save Increase Android Mobile Phone Battery Life


How To Save Increase Android Mobile Phone Battery Life –Way to Increase your Phone Battery Backup In Seconds

Today’s life style is totally become dependent on electronics things like tablets, phone, computer, laptop etc. And for these devices battery is important accessory. So companies have also launched battery or power bank by seeing the demand of power as per customer need.

But all cannot afford such power bank or other do not want to carry such things with them. So we are going to tell you about such a code using which you increase your phone battery easily.

Trick To Increase Battery Backup Of Phone 

Just dial in the phone * # 0228 #, this will increase battery life in 5 seconds. So far, you have heard about many secret codes related to the phone i.e. the USSD code. Secret code to samsung mobile battery backup.

Save Mobile Battery Life

So far, you have heard about many secret codes related to the phone i.e. the USSD code. Many codes of the phone can be operated and changed from these codes. But a code is also connected to the phone’s battery. By using this the battery life of the phone can be increased. Also, the problem with the battery can also be solved. However, these codes work mostly on Samsung’s smartphone.

What is this code?

The battery life booster code is * # 0228 #. This is a USSD code associated with Samsung’s software. When this code is dialed in the phone, a window is open. Here, some settings are used to increase battery life by operating. Many experts on YouTube have also shown this code by solving the battery life related problem.

Does this work

Expert claims that this code increases the battery life of the phone, but it is not that it increases the mAh power of the phone. Actually, these codes are connected to the software used in the phone. This means that the battery software is reset again. The advantage of this is that the timing of charging and charging of the battery becomes visible.

Understand what happens?

Suppose your Samsung phone’s battery life is 60%. In this case dial * # 0228 # in the phone. After that you will have to do some settings in the window which will open. The battery software will be reset after the setting process is complete. That means your phone’s battery will look perfect.

# 0228 # How the code works

The full data of the battery is revealed. Here’s a Quick Start written click on it. Click here to get a message that gives a warning. It clearly states that this code increases the battery capacity, but do not do it as a test.

After checking the message as OK the phone will stops. And after a few seconds it will turns on. This code completely reset the battery software of the phone. After that the information related to the phone’s battery perspective become correct.

Other Simple Tricks To Increase Battery Life

There are some other basic tricks included to increase your phone battery duration for while by doing these simple tasks on regular basis. 

Turn Off The Applications

To save the battery of the mobile phone turn off the applications which are not using at that time.

Close The Connectivity Features

The connectivity items like wi-fi, Bluetooth and location applications GPS are to be closed after use. These features use more battery than in built application so, you should turn off the features which are not using. So you can save much battery for useful work.

Turn Off Vibration Mode

Vibration mode is useful when the volume of the mobile phone cannot be heard. But the vibration mode uses more battery than normal ringtone. So you have to turn off vibration mode after sometime. So you can save battery life of android phone.

Turn Off Recent Items

After using the apps kill them immediately. They should not be working in the background. That can be turn off from the tasker. This will also increase battery life of your phone.

Less Auto Lock Time

The auto lock time can be set from setting menu. That time should be less so that phone’s display turn off faster after use. If cannot be locked by user. This process also save battery life of phone.

So users can used that methods to increase battery life of the android mobile phones and can also increase the life of mobile phone.


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