Infocus Launch Aadhar Enabled Smarphone With Eye Scanner (IRIS Scanner)


First Aadhar Enabled Smartphone Launched In India, With IRIS Scanner

As smart phone becomes the lifeline of the people. From which each and every person can enable many application and use according to their needs. Bow the chief executive of UIDAI proposed the manufacturing of smart phones which are aadhar enables means they have iris scanner too in the phone.

It was proposed in the discussion of senior executives of the UIDAI and the big companies like apple, micromax, Samsung, LG, Google and Microsoft.  Fingerprints feature is already in use now iris scanner is to be used to make smart phones aadhar enabled. Firstly it was a like dream not comes true because it deals with very high degree privacy of the people.

Aadhaar Enabled Mobile Phone With Eye Scanner

But now first aadhar card enabled mobile phone will be launched in India which can scan the eyes. An American based company Infocus going to launch high technology smart phone shortly in India. This phone will work as aadhaar authentication. The company says that this phone will act as aadhaar card for users. This phone comes with iris scanner which will complete the authentication process.

Government Approval

This phone has already got the STQC (Standardization Testing and Quality Certification) from the Government. The company is also going to launch similar such devices which can support this system in same way. The UIDAI said the integrated chips of new smart phones which are to be aadhar enables will be secured with a key which is issued by UIDAI organization and the phone should be linked to UIDAI database.

This phone also consists of superior image quality assessment algorithm, which will check for correct identification. This phone capture K7 image and which are consider as high quality. This phone captures the images less than 2 seconds. You can take picture with this phone in any kind of environment.

Other Feature Of Aadhar Enable Phone

There are some other of this phone is listed which make it unique from other smart phone which are presently available in the market. 

Data Security

All your data is completely secured in this phone. This phone is encrypted through UIDAI. No one make uses of this phone data except aadhaar based server. And there is no problem related to information leakage from this.

Aadhar Enabled Phone Name

This phone comes with M425 name in the market. And estimated cost of this phone is near around Rs. 12, 000. Before, this Infocus has launched a smart phone in March with IRIS scanner for just Rs. 5749. This technology is currently available with Samsung.

Benefits of This Phone

Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI) has asked handset maker and operating system provider to use identification technology in their devices. When users will have devices with such technology then they can easily avail the benefits of Government services, various schemes and subsidies by doing biometric authentication process from their phone.

Such Work Will Be Done Easily

UIDAI chairman Nandan Nilekani has said that through the help of this phone the processes like eKYC will be done easily. And it will also work like cashless micro ATM.

Other Features Of The Phone

Visual Display: 4.5 inch

Usable RAM: 1GB/8GB

Battery Backup: 3000 mAh

Aadhaar Card Tech Phone

So with this new technology many works can be done easily and will get solution to many problems which we are facing presently. Like cash, aadhar authentication, aadhar misuse, aadhar card lost and similar like more will be resolved through the help of this technology.

And each and every used to check their aadhaar status with the help of smart phone within seconds. Also able to get details all schemes which are running on behalf of Center or state Indian Government for the welfare of citizen. Due to unawareness people don’t know about various schemes which are currently running for them.


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