Link Aadhaar Card with Ration Card Online Using TNEPDS App on Smartphone


How To Link Aadhaar Card with Ration Card Online Using TNEPDS App on Smartphone

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Seed Aadhaar Number With Ration Card Online Through App

Every citizen(BPL) of India, has right to acquire Ration Card. Ration card is a very important document, issued by The Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department of State Govt. ration card is get used for number of reasons in every state. Ration card holders get food grains from reasonable price supermarkets, for submitting an application for a passport, voter ID, residence certificate& many other legal certificates.

Link Ration Card With Aadhar Number Online Offline

So, Ration Card co-operates an essential function in the being of poor people. But where, any document contains more importance and then chances to increase, of its misuse also. Many people, take advantage of these rations card, & acquire an extra share of ration, then by deserving BPL peoples. So, in order to lessen the chances of fraud, in the name of ration card, the government has now made, it mandatory to link ration card with Adhaar Card.

By linking Adhaar card, the government is trying to track, every individual’s biometric information in the database of Government record. And if particular Adhaar is being connected with PAN card, it enables a government to keep a track record of individual’s financial transactions. Now, it becomes easier with an app called TNEPDS that can be downloaded in Smart Phone.

Why Is Linking Aadhaar Card with Ration Card Necessary?

Through linking Aadhaar card, with a ration card, the government will be capable, to prevent to occurrences, in cases where persons acquire various ration cards. Also, the government will also be capable of discontinuing persons that are not entitled to ration as their earnings are exceeding the ration threshold from declaring ration, making sure that just deserving persons get the promoted fuel or food grains.

How To Link Aadhaar Card with Ration Card via TNEPDS Mobile App?

Now, in Tamil Nadu state, Ration Card Holders can register their Adhaar number, with ration card via TNEPDS Mobile App. This app has an ability of scanning, Adhaar through QR Code with, it identifies the code & can update user number. Filling or choosing the records are a little bit a bulky procedure, as a user must require being familiar with the complete features of their Ration Shop. 

TNEPDS Mobile App is entirely functional in the Tamil language. So, a user can log into TNEPDS Apps with their mobile number. This app can be downloaded from Google play store, for the Android phones that are of Android device running version 4.0 & above version. So, we can say, that it is a very good move to promote digitalization in future.

Two other ways of Link Adhaar Card with Ration Card offline & online Mode

Except for Tamil Nadu, ration card holder can link their Aadhaar Card with Ration Card, through 2 other modes.  In online mode, ration card holders, can visit the official website of Adhaar website & can click on Start Now. By providing complete information, together with district & state.

On the other hand, in offline mode, ration card holder only needs to, Get make a copy of the Adhaar cards of, each family members plus a photocopy of ration card of a head of the family & needs to submit it, ration Office at relevant department.


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