Link Aadhar Card with Student Report Card


Link Student Aadhar Card To School Report Card

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Now Student Report Card Will Be Prepared From Aadhaar Card

Soon aadhar card will be linked with student report card. To keep regular check on student education this step is taken in all Government school throughout the country with the help of aadhar. Government will link all student aadhar those who are in age range of 5 to 18 years. And they will keep review on study through real time monitoring or dropout etc. While teacher’s database will be prepared from aadhar, email –id, mobile number. And same will be linked with e-sampark portal.

E-Sampark Portal

This e-smarpark portal is introduced to improve campaign named digitization started by Indian Government. This portal also act as mean of communication between Government and citizen. This portal also contain database of all nodal officers, citizen and their representatives.

This portal also shows the need of digitization in India. It will also help the government to communicate with normal citizen to provide them detail about various programs and initiative started by government.

You can also view your profile on this e-sampark portal. And for that you have to provide some of your details like your e-mail address, mobile number, and security code. Till now 351 campaigns have been conducted and more than 190 crore mail has been sent.

Seed Aadhar Card With Student Report Card

The Ministry of Human Resource Development of India has said that how much students are currently studying in the Government schools, and how is their result, performance these details are also not known to the state itself. Also their will keep regular check on teacher while they are taking classes. The center Government will check the quality of education in schools through real time monitoring system. So their coaching classes will be arranged from weak students.

So that under this system 23 crore students have been linked with aadhaar. But more than 26 core students still have to link with this yojana. First of all, students will be linked with aadhaar. Students those does not have aadhar will be provided unique number. In this scheme, along with student’s aadhar card teachers aadhar card will also be linked.

Aadhar In Education System

So every month students will be reviewed. Because on the basis of student aadhar there will be changes take place in education system. As per information, Government will keep the database of teachers on e-sampark portal also. And for that near about 55, 77,029 teacher’s data have been collected already. Also 16, 10,487 teacher aadhar, 20, 20,687 e-mail id, 37, 59,709 teachers mobiles number have been collected.

With the help of these details teacher’s academic record will be reviewed. And teachers those who are not good in their teaching profession will be provided proper training.

Aadhar Card Linking Initiative 

 So over all it’s a good initiative started by center Government for the welfare of students those who are taking their education in Government schools. Because the number students decreasing day by day in the Government school and this has been become a serious issue. To stop closing Government school official has taken some steps to keep education standard better. By applying all kind of means and resources available to them.

Also it is equal responsibly of parents to keep check on their children not only for education but for all of their surroundings. Today we all are become so much busy that we don’t even have time to our family or for our children. So quality of education can be improved by making the efforts together from both ends i.e. from schools as well as from home too. So provide your full contribution to make your child life much better.


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