Modi Government Clarification On Aadhaar Card Data


Modi Government Clarification On Aadhaar Card Data

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Government Provided More Clarification Related To Aadhar Myths

The Modi government has issued 8 clarification to the aadhar. The objective of the government is to provide the right information about the UID to the common people through clarification. Through this, the government wants to remove any misunderstanding or suspicion in the minds of people. Through which they can take advantage of all the aadhaar benefits.

So let’s start discussing with the common myths which are commonly circulated about aadhar in our locality. And we people believe on that without checking and getting proper information about it.

Myth – The Aadhar data is not properly validated.

Fact- Aadhaar enrollment is done through the registrar. It is a trusted institution like State Government, Bank and Common Service Center. The registrar employs the Enrollment Agency from the UIDAI panel to form the aadhaar. These agencies appoint operators who are certified by UIDAI. Aadhaar Enrollment is done only with software developed and provided by UIDAI.

The operator has to log in the enrollment machine through his / her base number and fingerprint every day. After enrollment, the operator has to sign through his biometrics. The data captured during the encryption is encrypted and no one else can read it except the UIDAI server.

Myth – The Fake I Card can Help Building the Aadhaar

Fact – We can understand this case by example. Let’s assume that Ram Kumar makes his ration card or voter ID card in the name of Shyam Kumar. However, Ram will also need a UID number from his real name. But when he goes to enroll in the name of Ram Kumar, his Enrollment will be dismissed because his biometrics is already present in the database named Shyam Kumar. In such a case, it is difficult to get the Aadhaar number from fake I Card.

Myth – People can make use of fake aadhar card in terrorist activities or black to white money conversion.

Fact – It is wrong to assume that the government machinery will rely solely on aadhar while giving access to all types of services. If an agency is using the UID, then it does not mean that it will stop making other necessary verification. After confirming the identity of the person through Aadhaar number, biometrics or OTP, the agency can also use more methods to confirm the identity of the actual person.

For example, if a person opens his bank account through the base and wants to have high value transactions then the bank should ask for another document for verification about it. If it is a matter of fact that anyone can open a bank account through a fake name and address with the help of aadhar and making black money into white, and involve in terrorist matter then it can also be done through the use of fake identities such as fake voter ID or fake ration card.

So for such crime case you cannot only blame to UID.  The only difference is that if anyone has used his UID in such wrong matter, then it will be easy for the investigating agencies to catch him and prove his crime in the court.

So these are common myths which are involved in our nation because the lack of proper information reaches. So continue reading about more aadhaar card myths which are still present there and can not be removed without your help.


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