Personal Loan Up to 15 Lakh From Bank ATM


Bank Personal Loan Up to 15 Lakh From Bank ATM

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In the festive season, the bank will provide 15 Lakhs Loan Through ATM With This process

If your budget is deteriorating in the festive season, then you can easily take a personal loan. You do not have to go to your bank branch for this. Rather than getting a loan quantity process from the bank’s ATM in less than 10 seconds. The three big banks of the country have launched this facility.

This Much Loan Amount Will Be Available

As ATM machine is using for withdrawing money. Banks are updating day by day. They start new policies for the betterment of the customers. So there are new advancements of the technologies and updations. Now through the ATM, the bank can give you a personal loan up to Rs 15 lakhs. This money will be accessed in your account. However, before the loan can be given, the bank will also keep your sibyl score and salary in mind. After that the personal loan will be processed. If your salary and sibyl score will not be good, the loan will be rejected at the ATM only.

ICICI Is Giving Up To 15 Lakh Loan

In the Private Sector, the country’s largest bank is processing loans up to Rs 15 lakh through ATM in the festive season. At the ATM, the customer will be told about interest rate, processing fees and EMI. Loan of 15 lakh can be returned in 5 years.

After this customer will give his allowance for the terms and conditions of the loan and also he has to give his debit card details along with his PIN number for the transaction. The money will transfer to the account of the person. Loan amounts will be given on the basis of eligibility.

HDFC Bank ATMs Loan will be Available in 10 Seconds

The second largest bank of the private sector will process the loan amount within 10 seconds on the HDFC ATM. Only loan will be given to those who have a salary account or a corporate customer. According to the salary, the automatic method on bank ATM will tell about loan amounts and EMI. 

The HDFC bank track customer’s history and credit score provided by credit information bureau and authorize to loan depending on the credit history. The on the spot personal loan on ATM’s will be offered for HDFC’s existing customers. 

SBI Waives Processing Fee on Personal Loan

State Bank of India has waived the processing fee on loan on the special occasion of the festive season. The bank is giving 100% discount on car loan, personal gold loan and personal loan processing. The discount on processing of car loan will be available till December 31, while 50% discount on processing of personal gold loan will be available till October 31.

Now the candidates can apply for personal loan on the holiday. But the loan from the SBI will depend on the credit score. Only those candidates will get loan amount whose credit score is good.

How To Apply For Bank Instant Loan Approval

Now the customers will not have to follow long or time taken procedures to get the verification for the loan. With the help of loan from ATM they can easily approve their loan easily and solve their financial issues.So these are exciting offer from banks to their customers to solve money issue which may cause you spend less during special occasions.

Also gave a better facility to get access money in quick way into account directly without visiting bank branches again and again for approval and doing paper work. So take benefit of these services started by banks.


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