Reliance Jio Free 4G Smartphone Booking Start From 24th August


Reliance Jio Free 4G Smartphone Booking Start From 24th August

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‘India’s Intelligent 4G Smartphone’ will be available for Free

Reliance Jio has launched the country’s smartest phone ‘Geo Phone’ in its Annual General Meeting. The phone has a special feature that lets users operate the phone just only by speaking.

While launching the phone, Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani said that the phone will be given in free. Now the phone is not available for free, for this, Rs 1,500 will be taken as security deposit. So let’s know that the complete process of the free phone which is available in the security amount of Rs 1500 for its users.

Phone will be available free of charge, as security deposit of Rs 1,500 Will Be Taken

Mukesh Ambani said that the item provided in free must have chances to be misused, so that the customers will be given free phone, but they will be charged Rs 1,500 as security amount. Reliance Jio Chairman Mukesh Ambani has claimed to launch the country’s cheapest smart phone. This phone will have 4G facilities as well as many more shocking features.

Jio Phone Booking And Delivery Date

Jio Phone Launch Date : 15th August 2017

Jio Phone Booking Date : 24th August 2017

Jio Phone Delivery Begin From : September Month

These 1,500 rupees will be returned to the customer after completion of three years. Overall, the phone costs is Rs 1,500. Mukesh Ambani has also said that after three years, users can provide the phone back to have their 1,500 rupees. This way Geo’s 4G feature phone will be completely free. The pre-booking of the phone will be start from August 24th while the delivery will start from September. This phone will be available for beta users from August 15th.

Jio Phone Availability

In the annual general meeting of Reliance Geo on Friday, the company’s chairman Mukesh Ambani launched the Geo Phone. According to the news agency PTI, the effective price of the Geo Phone has been kept at zero rupees.

Reliance Jio Free Smart Phone

That is, the consumer will receive this phone free of cost with a security deposit of Rs 1500. The company claims that there are all the features in this phone that are available in the market for three to four and a half thousand smart phones. Know more about free reliance jio phone features.

Jio Free Feature Phone Pre Booking Order

The company said that the pre-booking of Geo Phone will be done from August 24th and the phone will be “Made in India”. Mukesh Ambani was giving speeches on one side of the annual general meeting, while the shares of rival companies Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular and his brother Anil Bhai’s Reliance Communications were falling apart.

Effect Of Jio On Other Operator

The share of Airtel on the Bombay Stock Exchange dropped by 3.5 percent, while Idea’s stock plummeted six and six percent. Reliance Communications’s stock also declined by about 3 percent.

Jio Phone Features

Interface: Its interface will be similar to smart phone

Connectivity: It will provide 4G LTE

Phone Data: Unlimited

Screen Display: 2.4 inch screen and will be available in 22 languages.

Camera: It comes with 2MP front camera and rear VGA camera.

Free Plan: It will be launched with Rs 153 plan ad you will get unlimited data and message benefit.

Other Feature: For security a key is designed in this so by pressing 5 panic mode will be activated.


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