Secret Code Behind 19 Digit Number Written On Sim Card


Secret Code Behind 19 Digit Number Written On Sim Card

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Hidden Message Written Through Code On Mobile SIM

These are hidden in these 19 numbers written on SIM, these 6 Secret, you also know what they mean. Have you ever noticed that your SIM has a number of 19 digits written? What it means and what its use is. You have a lot of information hidden in this 19 digit number. These number are also called ICC-ID (Integrated Circuit Card ID) used for international identification. This number is also called Sim Serial Number (SSN).

How To Find SIM Card Number

It includes all information regarding your mobile operator to the telecom operator. Here we will tell you the meaning of these 19 digits. You should know about these. We are providing this information to you after getting this information from Telecom Expert. These SIM Card number will be helpful to the customer if they remember this number when ever your sim is lost or your phone get stolen.

Information Written In Codes On Phone SIM

From the number of these 19 digits, the details of your mobile number and on which network your SIM will work can be find out. This information also happens. If you have information about it then you will know all the information by looking at the SIM. When the SIM is issue and belonged to which country, all such information will be received from the 19 number of SIM.

Types Of SIM Card

 There are three types of SIM that are Full-Size Sim, Mini-Size Sim, Micro-Sim, Nano Sim and Embedded Sim. Recently the nano sim are in trends. In starting there was full sized sim. With the advancement of technology and the sizes of sim reduces and now the phones allows nano sim cards. But due to these variable sim sizes users also have to face some difficulties some time.

Hidden information in number Printed on SIM

First two digit of SIM contain industry code. This will be decided by ITU international telecom union. This is a worldwide organization. Next two digits contain country code. This is called as MCC means mobile country code. This code varies country to country as per location. 91 represent the Indian country code.

Next two digits are called as issuer number. This is generated by telecom industry. Each state has different issuer number.

Next twelve digits are known as SIM number. This is also known as customer identity number. Through this number telecom company’s register it your name. And with the help of this the record of your mobile number is kept with them.

Last number is known as check sum. It is used to calculate starting 18 numbers if there is any kind of mistake in them. In the last there is a alphabet written on SIM. Mostly U letter is written on the SIM. And it denotes universal means it will operate on all from 2G networks to 4G network. And the SIM which will not operate on all network there H is written on that.

Sim Serial Number (SSN) In Micro Sim or Nano Sim

As the technology gets advances and it’s the time of nano technology. But there is not a 19 digit serial number. But there is a question arise that where is that SSN in the nano SIM or Micro SIM.  This number can be found in the setting menu of the phone. In the setting menu in general tab selects about and then finds ICCID number. The serial number starts from 8944. This number is Personal Identification Number.


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