Start Your Own Business and Earn Up to Fifteen Thousand Profit Per Month


Start Your Own Business

If you want to start your own business and you don’t have lot of money, then too you can make good earning per month easily. In this work, Prime Minister’s Modi mudra yojana can help you a lot. Under the PM mudra scheme, you cannot just avail loan, but you can also able to prepare a full business plan for your project.

Today, we are here to tell you about such a business plan. You can start the business of removing fibers from the banana thumbs for just 55 thousand rupees.

Start Your Business in 55 Thousand and Make Profit Up to 15 on Thousand Monthly Basis

Special thing of starting business is that, you will get 65 percent funds from government under special scheme.  To promote small and medium enterprises and business this scheme has been started and easily eligible to get loan up to Rs.1 lakh for such business.

As per the business structure prepared by government, you can get annual income of Rs.1.66 lakh i.e. 15,000 rupees per month after cutting all the expenses which you spend during business startup.

Make These Items with Fibers and Sell Them

You can make gift bag, photo frames, hats, picture frames, belts, baskets and sandals from banana fiber and sold them out. With this you can earn good money. Annually 1000 Door Matt, 1000 floor coverings, 1600 mt screen (एमटी स्क्रीन) and 1500 lbs (दर्री) can be produced by setting small industry nearby your home also.

This is good deal to start your business nearby your home location from many prospective. And some things can be used from your home also which are easily available like as mentioned banana fiber. And in today’s life there is lots of trendy things which are prepared from it which are also described above.

How Much Does It Cost

Total expenditure: 1.70 lakhs

Fixed Capital:1.30 lakhs. It includes land and buildings, plant and machinery and other expenses.

Working capital: 70 thousand rupees

This includes the expenses of Raw Materials and Packing Materials, Finished Goods, Working Expenses etc.

How To Get Help From the Government

In this you have to spend 55 thousand rupees from your side. The term loan will be of Rs.1 lakh which is provided from government side as per business idea.

How To Earn Profit

You can earn Rs.6.65 lakh annually by selling Door Matt, floor coverings, screens and variants. After reducing the operating expense of Rs.4.99 lakh, you will earn or able to make net profit of Rs.1.66 lakh annually.

How To Apply For Loan Facility For Business Start up

You can apply for such loan in any bank under the Prime Minister’s Mudra Loan Scheme. For this you will have to fill a form provided by bank branch, which will include information like your name, address details, business address, education, current income and how much loan is required. After providing these details you will become able to avail loan for your start up.

Major Benefit Of These Loan

) In such kind of loan you can avail amount without proving any guarantee.

) No extra charge can be made while processing this loan by the bank branch.

) While returning back the loan if you are not able to do so within time limit then this  period will be extended to more five year without extra charges.

) Working capital of this loan is will be given through mudra card.

Kind Of Loan Provided Under This Scheme

There are the three types of loan can be provided by the government on the basis of the business you want to start. That types of the loans are described below in brief:

) Sishu Loan:-Under this loan scheme there is up to Rs. 50,000 can be give to the person who has applied for this loan.

) Kishore Loan:- In this loan scheme the user can apply or the loan from Rs. 50,000 up to Rs. 5 lakhs.

) Tarun Loan:- Under this loan a person can apply for the loan from Rs. 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs.


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