Supreme Court Order Aadhaar PAN Linking Is Not Mandatory


Supreme Court  Order Aadhaar PAN Linking Is Not Mandatory

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 Supreme Court Decision Regarding Aadhaar PAN Seeding Process

Supreme Court of India as said that if you are not having aadaar card, still then you can file your income tax return. Supreme Court has said that the question of aadhar compulsion depend on the decision of constitutional bench.

SC has declare this very clearly those who are not having UID card, those can also fill their income tax return. Court has also said that till now there is no need of aadhaar for getting new PAN card or to file tax return. Main court has said that the PAN card which are not linked with UID cannot be considered as invalid till constitutional bench make their decision on that aadhar card can or cannot violate the personal right of common citizen.

As per section 139AA it has been make mandatory to link aadhar with PAN for filling income tax return. Court has also said that the section 139AA is also not unconstitutional.

On this decision attorney general has said that court has also validated the law implemented by the government. He also added that for data protection government is also bringing new law soon.

Court Points Towards Government

Supreme Court said that who are having aadhaar card have to link with PAN card.

Government has to make sure that official related to aadhar or contractual cannot leak any kind of data.

To have Duplicate PAN Card is also a threat but government has to thing the results and consequences after aadhar PAN linking.

During this decision previous Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi statement of 15 paisa is also discussed. Court said that this saying is also make in during taking any decision on UID PAN seeding.

Petition Filed Against Government To This Decision

One of the CPI minister has said that it must be people decision either to link or not their aadhaar card PAN, we have not interfere in this. Let people decide on this. Means it cannot make mandatory. Who so ever want to link as per own choice. While one of the congress ministers has that linking process started by government is totally wrong process and it is against constitutional rights.

Government Appeal In Front Of Court

Corruption Can Be Controlled:

It is started to stop the duplicity of PAN Card. Duplicate PAN card are used in black money or terror funding.

With In Country 115 Crore People Have Aadhar:

Centre has said in the Supreme Court that aadhaar is helpful in people constitutional rights. It is does not considered as unconstitutional in any way. 115 crore citizen having their aadhaar card. So by seeing such thing court does not have to deny the notification of making aadhaar card compulsory.

Aadhaar Creation Date:

Center has said that the last date of preparing aadhaar card is 30th June. But by chance who don’t able to prepare till last date, need not to fear about anything. If they have applied then can also take benefit of government started through other ID proof also.

Other Detail

Government has also shared the other data with court that in the country 15.17 crore people having ration card and 29 crore people having PAN card and 6.9 crore people having their passport.


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