Transfer Your LPG Connection Easily With Change In Your Location by Some Steps


Transfer Your LPG Connection With The help Of Following Steps

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LPG Connection Will Be Transferred With These Steps

In our daily life routine that we all are following in day to life is very much tough and that has to be adopted by everyone. And it’s a part of life with which we have to survive. We all are working for our earning far from our home, some are in Government sector job or others are in private sector for their job or either for their own business work. So with the change in job location we also have to move from one place to other or say one city to another.

So likewise address changes, as you change your house on rent for any reason like job, work, education etc may some other reason. So in that case you are also required to transfer your lpg connection. Previously this is little bit difficult ask to do, but now LPG providers or companies have made this whole process very easy.

transfer lpg gas connection

Now you can also transfer your lpg connection on the name of other family member. So let’s know how you can take benefit this facility and how easily will your lpg connection transfer take place.

LPG Transferring Process from One Place to Another

Mainly, lpg connection is transferred in two ways.

  • A) First, lpg transfer from one place to another place in a city.
  • B) Secondly, lpg transfer from one city to another city

So let’s first discuss on first point that how to transfer lpg connection with in a city from one pace to other.

  1. A) Transferring LPG connection from one to another place within a city
  2. You have to visit your lpg distributor centre with subscription voucher.
  3. Your distributor will issue E Customer Transfer Advice (e – CAT).
  4. It’s an authorization code which is valid for three months.
  5. Then you have to visit your new lpg distributor centre with this authorization and copy of new address proof.
  6. New gas distributor will verity all you’re provided details with documents like your authorization code address proof, gas and voucher booklets.
  7. After completion of verification process, gas distributor will update new consumer number on your lpg booklet.
  8. Then you will start receiving LPG gas cylinder on your provided new address after booking.
  9. And for this you will not have to return your cylinder and regulator.

B) Transferring LPG connection from one city to another one

  1. If you wish to transfer your lpg connection from one city to another, then you have to visit your lpg distributor centre with all provided documents related to connection along with cylinder and regulator.
  2. Your distributor will keep cylinder and regulator with him and refund your deposited amount.
  3. Along with that, he will issue a termination voucher which is valid for one year.
  4. Then visit the new gas distributor in another city with this voucher and new address proof copy.
  5. And submit the asked deposited amount.
  6. After depositing amount, distributor will issue you a new subscription voucher.
  7. And after then, you will start receiving lpg cylinder in your new house.

Transfer LPG Gas Connection on Family Member Name

Yes that’s possible to transfer your lpg gas connection on your another family name with following some steps and providing some valid documents. But it can be done only some of few condition and we are going to tell you what are these condition in which you can able to change your lpg gas connection on another family member name.

Upon the death of head of family member

  1. If the head of your family is no more in this life and died due to any reason and having lpg connection on their name then you can transfer the lpg connection legally to their next generation.
  2. And for that you have to deposit or submit five documents to the agency.
  3. After verification of your documents by gas agency, the lpg gas connection will be transferred.
  4. The five documents which will have to be submitted will include, copy of death of certificate, declaration from next owner (वारिस की ओर से घोषणा), KYC documents like aadhaar card, passport copy, subscription voucher must be submitted.
  5. After submission of documents, distributor will verify the connection and address.
  6. On the completion of verification process, distributor will issue voucher with the name of new legal head.

How to Transfer LPG Connection after Marriage

Commonly this kind of situation arises when there is an lpg gas connection on the name of girl in a home and changes her surname after marriage. If you have changed your surname after marriage then after you can also run your gas connection on his name.

  1. In such a case you have provide valid marriage certificate or any another proof of your marriage.
  2. Along with that you have to write an application with your subscription voucher.
  3. After verifying your documents, you distributor will issue a connection with new name.

Note: Three companies, Indane, HP gas, Bharat Gas have similar process. There are some differences or changes with documents and their forms type. So you can know this process more accuracy from your distributor of gas connection transfer.


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