UIDAI mAadhar App Download Install Complain Uses To Bring Aadhaar Card On Phone


UIDAI mAadhar App Download Install Complain Uses To Bring Aadhaar Card On Phone

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UIDAI Launched mAadhaar Application For Mobile Users

On 18th July 2017, UIDAI officials have launched their application of unique identity card for convenience of users. Now people can make their various task related to aadhar faster and without any excuse of forgetting aadhar at home. Means it will be available in your mobile and in this time every one having mobile no one left home without it.

Carry Aadhar In Mobile Phone Through Application

Now you will be able to carry your Aadhar card easily in mobile.  For this you will not have to keep the Aadhar card in your pocket all the time separately now. Aadhaar card maker UIDAI has launched mAadhar App on Wednesday. Now there is no fear of losing aadhar card at different place you visit or left it behind.

This app is just launched on the beta version. However, UIDAI has said that many more services will be launched on this app later. Means still now this app is under testing mode.

These Services Available On App

The app is now launched and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. After downloading this app, the user will get the information of his demographic details such as name, birthdate, gender, address and photograph after entering the aadhaar number.

UIDAI said that it will be launched for further iPhone users. Users can lock or unlock their biometric data through this app. Apart from this, the user can update his base profile via QR code. Along with this, the people able to share their E-KYC details with telecom companies when aadhar number is needed for getting new SIM.

How To Download mAadhaar App

) Open the Google play store and search for this app or visit “https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.uidai.mAadhaarPlus” provided option to download it on your phone.

) Check its size and your available phone memory then according to that proceed to install the app in your device. It is also necessary to link your mobile number with aadhar for this application.

) After download you have to set password for your aadhar card profile and must be 8 characters in length wise including letter, number, special character.

) Then enter your aadhar number in it or use your aadhar QR code to go to the next step.

) Then you will get OTP on mobile.

) Wait for OTP message and then provided it and go to your aadhaar profile.

) Now you can check your UIDAI information as your data is download on your phone UIDAI server like your all details and you can update these also.

Motive Behind mAadhaar Card Release

The main motive behind it’s launching is that to make all the works getting done through the help of aadhar immediately. Because people have so many complain about their aadhar while visiting to various departments where it is needed. So UIDAI official have solved this issue perfectly. And also people faces difficulties while aadhar is lost and some of their tasks getting stuck due to this. Also security features of aadhar card app is very high with extra addition in it.

Things to Take Care Before Downloading mAadhaar App

This aap will only work if you mobile number registered with UIDAI office. Means it won’t work if you haven’t registered your mobile or changed your number. This app is still available to android phone so people who are having simple feature can’t operate it. And those who are having iPhone will have to wait some more time for this application.


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