Wikileaks Reports CIA Stolen Aadhar Card Data Government Is Not Agree


Wikileaks Disclosed: CIA Has Access To Aadhaar Data, Claims Rejected By Central Government

WikiLeaks has disclosed in a report on Thursday that the US intelligence agency CIA has access to data from the Aadhar card. WikiLeaks claims that the CIA has hacked the aadhar data with the help of devices developed by US Company Cross Match Technology.

About CIA

CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency. It’s work like RAW provide its services in India. It mainly work under United State Govt. Federation and solve all security related issue and any respective threat to the nation. FBI provide security services for the US nation within the country as domestically. Its head quarter is in Virginia and founded in 1947.      

This Company Has Given UIDAI Software For Bio-metrics

According to WikiLeaks, the company which has hacked the UID data with the help of the CIA has prepared software for taking biometric data to the Unique Identification Authority of India, the Indian entity, the Aadhar card making entity.

Aadhar Data

Crossmatch has partnership with Operation Smart Identity Devices Pvt Ltd in India. This company had collected data for the aadhar card of 1.2 million Indians across the country.

WikiLeak Tweet On Aadhar Data

WikiLeaks tweeted on Friday and said, did the CIA spy have stolen the National ID Card database of India? Shortly after this, WikiLeaks has tweeted another tweet, “Did the CIA steal the aadhar database?” WikiLeaks also shared a link of the article printed in a magazine.

Government Rejects Wikileaks Claims

However, the central government has completely rejected the claim of WikiLeaks. The government said that this is not the disclosure of WikiLeaks, but this is a leak told by a website. Government always used to deny all such fact which goes against aadhar. T might be case of supreme court petitions filed against it or similar like wiki leaks or any else. Our government is dedicated to support UID at any cost or at any situation.     

Cross Match Company Bio-Metric Devices

The government said that Cross Match is a bio-metric device company that supplies such devices all over the world. Any who collect data of the vendor aadhar will be transferred to the production server in the encrypted form. The government said that the data of the aadhaar is completely safe and there is no right to any agency to check or look it by its official agency also

How Data In The Aadhar Is Authenticated

.Aadhar authentication is the task in which user UID number is submitted along with person unique details such as finger print or IRIS details in combination with or as single also to the repository and this is known as central identities data repository (CIDR) for completion of verification process of identity card.

And data available in such repository verify it with details it can have. Various item needs to meet the requirements to get verify the aadhar which are stored at various repository.

Various Modes Of Authentication

An authentication is initiated only if it follow the requesting media means made through electronically in proper manner as per described by the officials.

Authentication follows following steps

Demographic Based Auth.: The aadhar number and demographic details with respect to the identity holder is received from the unique number and is sent for matching in the CIDR.

One Time Code Based Auth.: A one-time code is used to send to the person having unique identity on registered mail or phone number which is propagated through any means. Then it is match with aadhar number and OTP through proper medium.

Biometric Based Auth: Already stored information of particular user is matched with submitted bio-metric details and aadhar number for authentication.

Multi Factor Based Auth.: In this mode above provided two method are used at one time for checking.

So it is also depend on the user means which kind of authentication he want to go with for getting specific service.


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