Link Aadhaar To PAN Card Through Online Website or Offline Mobile Phone SMS


Link Aadhaar To PAN Card Through Online Website or Offline Mobile Phone SMS

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Link Aadhar Card To PAN Card With Online Process

As per government rules and regulation now it has been made mandatory to seed these both with each other for better services and vice versa means for users prospective and for the government official as well. It means after successful linking user or taxpayer can pay or submit tax more easily which is considered is not considered so much as previously and government will also get benefit to keep regular check on those who are not paying it.

Link Aadhaar With PAN

During tax payment, most of people don’t feel comfortable either their details don’t match in the databases or feel it a hassle process. So this step is taken for to solve the problem which is faced at both ends. After completion of this process any one ca used to pay tax online in just two steps.

Department of Income Tax from India, has cleared its way by providing this solution to normal citizen who really feel it a big rock work while used to submit many form and documents with proof while paying taxes.

From now on you can easily able to link you aadhar with PAN through online mode even without registering or logging into the website of e-filling.

There are three ways of linking aadhaar PAN card.

1) Link aadhar PAN Through SMS

2) Link Aadhar PAN Through Online Without Logging/Registering

3) Link Aadhar PAN Through Online By Logging/Registering

1) Link Aadhar With PAN Through SMS

As per notification released by income tax department for linking permanent account number with unique identification number (UID). In this campaign, tax department has started new service of linking these documents together via sending SMS form phone also. They can also use the link provided to link through portal also.

For linking your UID with PAN through SMS you have to send the message like type in capital letter UIDPAN then left one empty space and mention your aadhar number then again left one empty space and enter your PAN number. And send this message to 567678 or 56161. So both the documents will be linked in this way.

E.g.:<UIDPAN> <Aadhaar Number> <PAN Number>

Type message like: UIDPAN  234500009011  AAAA89OF1Z and send it to 567678 or 56161.

This option is for those whose name is same in PAN and aadhar number document. And person whose name is different in both documents they have to follow the online portal.

2) Link Aadhar PAN Through Online Without Logging/Registering

Follow the steps of Aadhaar Linking With PAN Card via Online Mode

Main steps are described below which are involved in linking of aadhaar PAN card even without logging and registering or self on the e-filling portal.

)  Directly go to the official income tax department, government of India website.

)  Here you have to provide some details like your PAN number, aadhaar number.

)  After inputting these details, you have to give your name like as appeared in your aadhaar card document.

) Then mention the security code as seen in displayed box.

)  Your provided details must be accurate and reflect same on two side means in aadhar and PAN databases.

)  Date of birth and gender are important and must reflect as it is in both the systems.

) If your name has some error like spelling mistake but if your provided gender and DOB are similar in both the databases then you will got an OTP on mobile through SMS for verification, so submit it to complete linking process with this name too.

) Or other method is that you have to make correction your provided information in 1 of your document as similar to another to get done this process perfectly. This is getting done in such incident in which your name is different in both documents or DOB also not same in another document then linking will not take place in any situation till you make correction in your document.

3) Link Aadhar PAN Through Online By Logging/Registering

The steps required to link Aadhaar with PAN is also carried out in same process if you login into the income tax website portal. So let’s have a look on them also:

)  Log on the Income tax e-filling portal through official link.

)  Make your register here with PAN number and use it as your user id.

)  Make login in to website with provided user id, DOB, and password.

)  Then in home section go to the “Profile Setting” option.

) As you click on it a menu will appear and you will saw the option like “Link aadhaar”.

) Go to that link and then a new page will open which ask you to provide some information.

) Mention here required details such as complete name, DOB, gender as appeared on your PAN Card.

) Provide your 12 digit aadhaar number. Then proceed toward captcha code as shown to complete the verification process.

)  Lastly if all the information you have entered are accurate and found similar in two document then hit the link aadhaar button.

)  As a pop up will appear will let you know your aadhaar and PAN are linked successfully.

Basic Need Of Linking PAN Aadhaar Card

These both the cards serve the same work means identity proof for all citizen and used at many situations as proof identity or residence proof.

Tax Payment

After completion of seeding process income tax department will have the transaction records of each and every one and help them to find the defaulters easily from the crowd.

Availability of PAN Cards

Many users have generated more than one PAN card for their protection while tax payment is done. So such cases will be identified after seeding process.

During Income Tax Returns Filling Or E-Filling

Linking will make it comprehensive easy way to tax payer while paying their tax online and filling online return without submitting acknowledgement with IT department.

Basic Question Answers Related To Aadhaar PAN Linking Procedure

1)  What To Do If Aadhar And PAN Details Don’t Matches Each Other?

Ans: You have to correct the aadhaar card details or PAN Card for getting linked your aadhar and PAN cards either you cannot linked these two documents.

2)  Any Other Document Needed As Proof To Complete This Seeding?

Ans: No such other document is needed at all. Only your details must be correct and accurate in two documents with respect to each other.

3)  What Kind Of Details I have To Check During Aadhar PAN Linking?

Ans: Both the cards have three common details as or your full name, DOB, and gender. If these information are correct in two databases en you ca proceed for linking. Otherwise make correction in aadhaar card or correct your PAN card online.


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